createfolders setting is ignored if readonly is True (6.5.4)

Vladimir Nesov robotact at
Fri Aug 17 18:52:20 BST 2012

Seem like there was a bug in the new get_create_folders method: 
if 'readonly' flag is set to true, folders are created 
regardless of 'createfolders'. The following change 
(over 6.5.4 tag) fixed the problem for me:

--- a/offlineimap/repository/
+++ b/offlineimap/repository/
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ class BaseRepository(CustomConfig.ConfigHelperMixin, object)
         It is disabled by either setting the whole repository
         'readonly' or by using the 'createfolders' setting."""  
-        return self._readonly or self.getconfboolean('createfolders', True)
+        return (not self._readonly) and self.getconfboolean('createfolders', Tr
     def makefolder(self, foldername):
         """Create a new folder"""

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