Moving messages redux

Edward Z. Yang ezyang at MIT.EDU
Wed Aug 22 03:34:56 BST 2012

Hello all,

A while back there was a conversation [1] about how OfflineIMAP might
be able to detect moved messages and use the COPY command in order to
avoid having to reupload the message from scratch.  The conclusion was
it was too hard.

Now, I am in a situation of wanting to move 150k messages from one
folder to another (Maildir side), and sync this to the server, and
the reupload behavior will be a *big drag* (especially since I don't
even have space on the server for all of my Maildir messages, and
don't *want* all of them to sync).  But no worries: I have a plan:


I'm planning on implementing my local folder moves to use rename(2), and
have OfflineIMAP looking for IN_MOVED_FROM/IN_MOVED_TO events.  If it
sees one, it conducts the move by issuing a COPY command and then
deleting the original.

Sound like a good plan? Bad idea? Anyone else interested in this
functionality?  I think this might integrate well with an inotify edition
of OfflineIMAP, which does all push synchronization based off of inotify
events.  (Also, do I want UID COPY or COPY?)



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