Getting offlineimap to maintain a specific maildir structure

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Sat Aug 25 22:58:58 BST 2012

Rogério Brito <rbrito at> writes:
> What I do is: I map gmail's INBOX to the toplevel maildir and, then, all 
> the other folders get put inside this maildir, with the names prefixed by 
> a dot and with the separator being a dot.

> | nametrans		= lambda name: re.sub('^', '.', re.sub('^(\[Gmail
> \]/|INBOX)', '', name))

> From what I understand, I disabled the bidirectional syncing with 
> createfolders=false (in an attempt to mimic as much as possible the 
> behavior of 6.3.4), but I get the following error message:

> | Creating folder .[local]
> | ERROR: Aborting sync, folder '.' [acc: 'email']
> |   getfolder() asked for a nonexisting folder '.'.

Mmmh, this has nothing to do with nametrans or folder creation, I
think. It has something to do with how OfflineImap treats the very
top-level folder and there is a bug somewhere.

You have configured your nametrans rule, so that the GMAIL "INBOX"
effective becomes folder ".". When we walk the local maildir folders
checking if folder "." exists, we don't find a folder "." and try to
create folder "." which fails.

I will have to check how we deal with this, I believe there were some
changes that might have caused this.

Thanks for the reminder to look into this.


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