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Sun Aug 5 19:57:24 BST 2012

Abdo, good day.

Thu, Aug 02, 2012 at 03:40:42PM +0200, Abdó Roig wrote:
> I'm using offlineimap to keep backups of my gmail data (email + chat
> logs). There is an issue regarding chat logs. The Chats IMAP folder
> seems to be readonly, and for some reason offlineimap fails with error
>    ERROR: Aborting sync, folder 'Chats' [acc: 'gchat']
>    Server '' closed connection, error on SELECT
> '[Gmail]/Chats'. Server said: [Gmail]/Chats is not writable

And the reason is that the wrapper for the IMAPlib (
is no longer passes the 'readonly' exception to the caller, so it
is catched by the 'abort' block and mutated the the new exception
that wasn't thrown by the original code.

Please, try the patch at

It fixed the problem with my simple test case with GMail 'Chats'
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