[PATCH 0/4] implement syncing dovecot imap flags to remote repo

Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Sat Aug 18 15:38:58 BST 2012

Igor Mammedov <imammedo at redhat.com> writes:

> If MailDir is used by dovecot, it creates dovecot-keywords file there to
> provide mapping beteewn non sandard imap flags and lower case letter
> flags used by dovecot to tag messages.
> patchset allow uses this fact and adds to offlineimap ability to sync
> imap flags (tags) back and forth.
> For now it's necessary for dovecote to know about imap flag (flag should
> be in dovecot-keywords file) when it's synced from remote repo, unknown
> flags from remote repo will be ignored.

Can you explain a bit more?  Is this for IMAP <--> Maildir syncing,
where the local Maildir is also controlled by dovecot?  If so, that's a
clever idea.  But wouldn't it be better to just do an IMAP <--> IMAP
sync, and use the fact that IMAP allows more general tags?  Currently,
the way offlineimap handles IMAP <--> IMAP tag syncing requires the
tags to be internally translated to arbitrary single characters, which
is a little awkward.  It would be great if while you are looking at
this part of the code you could make IMAP <--> IMAP tag syncing just


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