UID validity problem (was: GMail's IMAP stopped working for me)

Jonas Hörsch coroa at online.de
Mon Aug 20 19:27:00 BST 2012

On Fri, Aug 17 2012, Jonas Hörsch wrote:

> it turns out to be most likely a known issue spooking through gmail for
> about 9 days, which only affects a subset of imap users. they seem to
> have a fix, but only be able to roll it out to small sets of affected
> users at a time, which has been the official status for a week, now.

it seems google's fix reset the UID's of all messages :(, as i'm now

UID validity problem for folder [Google Mail]/Sent Mail (repo GMailImap)
(saved 7; got 672712337); skipping it. Please see FAQ and manual on how
to handle this.

for a bunch of folders. and no mails are synced.

is the faq's [1] answer to remove the local mail folders together with
offlineimap's cache and the resync all messages, still the only way to
proceed? (it's unfortunately about 2G worth of mail)




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