offlineimap, dots and folders (problem with Gmail)

proxym wproxym at
Sat Dec 29 11:04:45 GMT 2012


I try to synchronize local Maildir with remote IMAP (Gmail mail
server), and then I tried to start own dovecot imap server over local
I have BIG problems with dots:
1) Looks like offlineimap uses Maildir++ format with folders delimited
with dots ("."), but these folders are not started with dots, it is
incorrect, and devcot of course can't see these folders. Devcot can
see these folders if I add ":LAYOUT=fs" at the end of "mail_location"
mail_location = maildir:/path/to/my/local/maildir:LAYOUT=fs
But is not very correct too.
2) Actually I use dots (".") in folder names on Gmail/IMAP. Then I
think that I will get gib logical error, because dot can be
interpreted as delimiter between folders.

So I need option for offlineimap to store messages in local Maildir in
hierarchical folders instead of delimiting by dots ("."). How I can
get it?

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