6.3.4 -> 6.5.4: offlineimap reuploads all messages?

Gunter Ohrner spam_shredder_nicht_benutzen_ausrufezeichen at CustomCDROM.de
Mon Dec 31 00:34:45 GMT 2012


I'm struggling with the upgrade from 6.3.4 to 6.5.4.

First I ran into the SSL-fingerprint-checking problem, this one was easy 
to fix.

Then I ran into the createfolders feature and added a reverse nametrans 
option, which needed a bit of research but I quickly found the docs.

The next problem was that offlineimap was trying to create the empty / 
default folder on the remote side which I tried to sidestep by filtering 
it - should also work for now.

The latest problem I ran into and which caused my to give up for now and 
downgrade again is that offlineimap now tries to re-upload all mails 
which are already synced and removes the previously existing remote 
copies afterwards. This isn't fun if your maildir is several GB in 

I'm syncing a remote dovecot server against a local maildir which also 
is in a format understood by a local dovecot server.

,----[ Relevant parts of my .offlineimaprc ]
| (...)
| [Repository Local]
| type = Maildir
| localfolders = ~/Maildir
| nametrans = lambda foldername: foldername[1:]
| [Repository Remote]
| type = IMAP
| (...)
| nametrans = lambda foldername: '.' + foldername
| (...)

So I add a leading dot to the remote folder name and remove it again 
when reading the local maildir.

What am I doing wrong - searching the net I could not find any reports 
about similar problems?

I'm a bit at a loss here, pointers to fine manuals, if existing, are 
very much appreciated - maybe I missed some essential piece of 



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