offlineimap smart backup synchronization = bidirectional synchronization without deleting any messages

Edward Z. Yang ezyang at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 20 04:13:33 GMT 2012

Excerpts from proxym's message of Wed Dec 19 11:32:13 +0800 2012:
> Looks like I must to create own patch =)
> If I remove all from status folder I think it will be very very long
> synchronisation then.

Note that OfflineIMAP will very quickly figure out what messages already
exist on both ends (since the UIDs will match), so you will only pay for the delta.


> Looks like I must remove (from status folder) information about
> message which was deleted from remote repository...
> 2012/12/19 Edward Z. Yang <ezyang at>:
> > Excerpts from proxym's message of Tue Dec 18 22:57:24 +0800 2012:
> >> After I changed `no-delete-local` back to `no` ALL previously
> >> not-deleted messages (because of `no-delete-local yes`) are deleted
> >> from my local repository.
> >> This patch IS TOO DANGEROUS in case of no back synchronisation of
> >> messages to remote imap repository.
> >
> > Yes, what do you expect? OfflineIMAP sees that it's missing from the
> > remote and not from the local, and syncs accordingly.  The same applies
> > with maxage; if you unset it expect a lot of activity.
> >
> > One way to prevent OfflineIMAP from deleting anything is to remove
> > your status folder; then OfflineIMAP assumes everything is "unsynced"
> > and won't remove anything.
> >
> > Edward

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