Truncated messages

Allan Wind allan_wind at
Wed Feb 1 20:40:07 GMT 2012

I am running the latest version of offlineimap from git with the 
sqlite backend and the idle feature on INBOX.

offlineimap downloads a few messages a day or so that are 
truncated after the first byte.  Most often I have seen just a 
space.  Here are the two instances I got today in my local
maildir repository:

allan at vent:~/mail/received/inbox/cur$ for f in *; do echo $f; od 
-a $f; done
0000000   2
0000000  sp

The part of the file name before the _ appears to map the file 
names that dovecot uses.  If this is accurate then I am not 
seeing the original messages on the server, but I am seeing a 
couple of messages that are "off by 1":


I access this mailbox from my phone, mostly deleting messages 
that are not of interest, and I think there is a correlation 
between deleting the message on my phone and these truncated 

Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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