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Cameron Simpson cs at
Wed Feb 8 04:39:17 GMT 2012

On 07Feb2012 23:03, Allan Wind <allan_wind at> wrote:
| On 2012-02-08 14:18:05, Cameron Simpson wrote:
| > Amongst the stderr I see these referring to getmail:
| > 
| >   there2here(MD/OLD/2012/getmail) -> OLD/2012/getmail
| >   there2here(MD/getmail) -> getmail
| >   here2there(getmail) -> MD.getmail
| >   here2there(OLD/2012/getmail) -> MD.OLD.2012.getmail
| >   here2there(getmail) -> MD.getmail
| I think of the two functions of inverse of each other:

I have gathered that impression from the manual page.

| there2here(imap_folder) = maildir_directory and
| here2there(maildir_directory) = imap_folder
| In your example you map:
| there2here(MD/OLD/2012/getmail) = OLD/2012/getmail but
| here2there(OLD/2012/getmail) != MD/OLD/2012/getmail


So I have changed the mapping, thus:

  there2here(MD/OLD/2012/getmail) -> OLD/2012/getmail
  there2here(MD/getmail) -> getmail
  here2there(getmail) -> MD/getmail
  here2there(OLD/2012/getmail) -> MD/OLD/2012/getmail
  here2there(getmail) -> MD/getmail

and it still does not fetch new messages from the remote site.
I'm still missing some subtlety here, alas.

I've tried using "-d imap,maildir" but haven't learnt anything there
either. BTW, why does offlineimap truncate its log file instead of
appending to it? Quite annoying; normally I'd have:

  tail -F logfile

running in a window, but it is less useful for offlineimap.

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