ANNOUNCE: OfflineImap v6.5.2.1

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Fri Feb 17 19:12:36 GMT 2012

On Sun, 5 Feb 2012 13:00:02 +0100, Thomas Kahle <tomka at> wrote:
> thanks for another release.  I noticed that the tarball now contains
> just a directory 'offlineimap' instead of decorating it with a random
> hash. is available in Gentoo already!

Very cool, arch, suse and gentoo are my great guinea pigs (SCNR :-)). Thanks!

> Just one thing: manual.rst needs some tlc.  Formatting errors like these
> seem to pop up from time to time.  Please everybody editing MANUAL.rst,
> make sure that it compiles fine.

Right, that would have been me. Actually, I am a bit unsure how we
should handle the documentation in the future. I want to extend the user
documentation with use cases etc as currently in dev-doc-src and visible
on But MANUAL.rst is the man page being created
and I don't feel like repeating myself there with duplicate information
of what is in the docs.

Would it be acceptable to create a rather short "MANUAL.rst" for a man
page that minly refers to the main docs? I think it would be more useful
to have an offlineimap.conf(5) man page that describes the possible
options, but to be honest I don't know how to create that :).

I'll try to clean up the .rst errors soonish.

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