New ctrl-c handling and NEXT merged to MASTER

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed Jan 4 18:48:38 GMT 2012

Hi all,

I just pushed commit 0ccf06d5e631db2a5e139d63335134d983591487

    Implement clean CTRL-C termination
    Previously, we would simply bail out in an ugly way, potentially leaving
    temporary files around etc, or while writing status files. Hand SIGINT
    and SIGTERM as an event to the Account class, and make that bail out
    cleanly at predefined points. Stopping on ctrl-c can take a few seconds
    (it will e.g. finish to transfer the ongoing message), but it will shut
    down cleanly.
    Signed-off-by: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at>

Consider this a small, but important cleaning that had been requested by
someone during the last year. And as this has the potential to leave
around half-written temp files, I decided that it was worth it. (and an
easy start into the new year).

I also merged the next branch into master, making this the v6.4.3 release
(sorry no -rc's this time).

The logging framework has been reworked and the --info switch gives you
nice and useful output for debugging and error reporting.

Still haven't caught up reading emails :-)

See you,

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