Help with Nametrans dovecot imap <-> courier imap

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Sat Jan 7 01:33:00 GMT 2012

On Wed, 30 Nov 2011 09:27:31 +0100, "Sven Scheuten" wrote:
> i`m having a little trouble setting up offlineimap to sync dovecot <->
> courier IMAP.

> Here is the dovecot folder: * LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.Archive2011"
> And the courier folder: * LIST (\NoInferiors) "/" "INBOX/Archive2011"

> I tried different settings (sep, nametrans) but none of them worked as
> expected. Some crashed the INBOX Folder on Outlook, so I have to re-setup
> the Outlook Settings.

Hi Sven,
sorry for the long time before I got to see this message. I hope it will
still be useful.

If I understand correctly, you intend to not really translate any names,
but simply cope with the different folder separator chars '/' and '.'?

First of all, for IMAP servers there is no need to set the sep='/'
setting. Indeed it is ignored (it is only relevant for Maildirs), as it
is automatically queried.

Second, from what I see you won't be needing any nametrans at all. The
different separators will be automatically handled.

Third, to debug nametrans rules better, I have implemented the --info
switch which is included in the latest release, 6.5.0. This will give
you a list of folders, and the name of the folders "on the other side",
ie how they will be translated. This should help with debugging
nametrans rules.

Let us know if you are still having problems.
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