ANNOUNCE OfflineImap6.5.1

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Sat Jan 7 12:21:49 GMT 2012

I said 6.5.0 was a critical update but lightly tested... and promptly contained
a misnamed variable introduced by a merging error. This release contains
regression fixes from 6.5.0 (plus the removal of the global locking
system, have fun running OLI in parallel). Upgrading from 6.5.0 is
recommended. Do note the fancy release code name ;)

OfflineIMAP v6.5.1 (2012-01-07) - "Quest for stability"

* Fixed Maildir regression "flagmatchre" not found. (regressed in 6.5.0)

* Have console output go by default to STDOUT and not STDERR (regression
  in 6.5.0)

* Fixed MachineUI to urlencode() output lines again, rather than
  outputting multi-line items. It's ugly as hell, but it had been that
  way for years.

* Remove the old global locking system. We lock only the accounts that
  we currently sync, so you can invoke OfflineImap multiple times now as
  long as you sync different accounts. This system is compatible with
  all releases >= 6.4.0, so don't run older releases simultanous to this
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