Synchronising folder deletions

Chris Dennis cgdennis at
Sun Jan 15 23:25:45 GMT 2012

Hello Offlineimap people

All the recent work on syncing the creation of new folders has been 

But the equivalent thing doesn't happen (I'm using 6.5.2-rc1) when 
deleting folders.  If I delete a folder on the remote repository, for 
example, the next sync recreates it:

   INFO: Creating new IMAP folder 'Trash.NewFolder' on server LocalIMAP
   INFO: Creating new IMAP folder 'NewFolder' on server RemoteIMAP

I know the philosophy is to avoid data loss, but for the average user 
who is just trying to manage their emails by filing them and moving them 
around and deleting them when no longer needed, this can only cause 

I'd like to raise this as a feature request.

Is it an issue for anyone else?


Chris Dennis
Fordingbridge, UK.

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