gmail -> gmail: required special treatment?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Fri Jan 6 12:40:50 GMT 2012

On Thu, 5 Jan 2012 02:39:36 +0100, "Dr. D. P. Kreil (Boku)" wrote:
> This works ok when I specify the second gmail account as an "IMAP" account,
> with the exception that as part of the sync process the Gmail "special
> folders" [Gmail]/... are created on the source Gmail account, despite that
> account being marked as "readonly".

Hello, glad to hear that this generally works OK. :-)

> Am I doing something wrong?

No, the creation of folders on the remote is a pretty new feature, and
there was a bug with regard to that (basically, we would never create
any folders when the local repo was readonly and would always create
folders (on both sides) when the local repo was not).

This was fixed in the commit by me from yesterday:
commit 3e28073f98632f35fb46e96c3f5bda21fc36cb12
Date:   Thu Jan 5 14:05:51 2012 +0100
    Do not create folders on readonly repositories

and is contained in the just released 6.4.4.
(I fixed this without having read your email though :-))

> I have read comments on some forums that it might be feasible to allow a
> "gmail" type Local Repository reasonably easily. Is this true? Is this a
> change that I can help make?

Gmail is a descendent of the IMAPRepository class. Local IMAPs require
the MappedIMAP class which takes care of the UID mapping between the
local and the remote server. In order to get a 'Gmail' type on the local
side, one would need to subclass the MappedIMAP class and add the Gmail
specific stuff (I wonder if we could that that with a Gmail mixin
class instead). HTH

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