Another attempt at a test suite

Daniel Shahaf d.s at
Mon Jan 9 23:24:36 GMT 2012

On Mon, Jan 9, 2012, at 15:00, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> Nicolas is creating an IMAP proxy that will allow to create a test suite
> for OfflineImap, that is great. However, we will still need a corpus of
> tests and an OfflineImap-specific scaffold that sets up temporary
> maildirs, counts the number of mails etc.
> I have started to create something like this, that will already work
> without the IMAP proxy, and that can be tied into it once, it works.
> I have a very preliminary version up at my branch feature/testsuite, it
> contains some scaffolding, and so far, it runs only one test:

How can I follow the development of this?

I'm used to the model where following the development means subscribing
to a commits@ mailing list.  What do people do here?  'git log -p'?
GitHub RSS feeds?  Cron job that runs pull and generates commit mails? :)

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