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Wed Jan 11 09:06:12 GMT 2012

I've stumbled upon a great little Python IDE that offers a free license for open source projects - it's called PyCharm 2.0.

( Disclaimer - I've no connection to the company. )

It integrates with github and unittest which we use - and runs on Mac Windows and Linux - has received many very positive reviews.

My opinion - worth a try - it's free for us.  And it should help to catch some errors, and make development on OLI easier.

Your thoughts?

This is the page when you request the free open source license :

Sebastian wrote:
Nicolas is creating an IMAP proxy that will allow to create a test suite
for OfflineImap, that is great. However, we will still need a corpus of
tests and an OfflineImap-specific scaffold that sets up temporary
maildirs, counts the number of mails etc.

I have started to create something like this, that will already work
without the IMAP proxy, and that can be tied into it once, it works.

I have a very preliminary version up at my branch feature/testsuite, it
contains some scaffolding, and so far, it runs only one test:

It starts the offlineimap binary, connects to an IMAP server, syncs all
existing OLItest* folders and tests whether that works without causing
any problem/exception.

It works against real world IMAP servers that you need to specify (it
can be a local one or a real Gmail account, for example). I use the
python unittest framework for all the heavily lifting.

The code is still in quite a flux, but the first test works for me
already. I plan on extending this and writing some more basic
tests. Once things stabilize, I will invite people to help me create
good tests. This is just an announcement of what will come.

I plan to run this at the very least before each release, if not before
every commit.

P.S. Don't use your productive real email account for the testsuite. It
should be safe, but will add/modify folders there.

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