Synchronising folder deletions

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Jan 16 22:19:05 GMT 2012

On Sun, 15 Jan 2012 23:25:45 +0000, Chris Dennis wrote:
> All the recent work on syncing the creation of new folders has been 
> excellent.


> But the equivalent thing doesn't happen (I'm using 6.5.2-rc1) when 
> deleting folders.  If I delete a folder on the remote repository, for 
> example, the next sync recreates it:

Yep, you'll need to delete a folder on both sides for now to really get
rid of it. First, I want OLI rock-stable again.

We could start out by offering folder deletion with an experimental
--delete-folders option, that needs to be explicitly enabled. Once
things work, we could enable it by default.

It is just too darn easy to have a corrupted cache file, or
misconfiguring (point your Maildir to an empty dir) delete your whole
mail corpus on your IMAP, that I want to be really careful here.

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