offlineimap and dovecot-antispam: APPEND issues

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Jan 16 22:03:40 GMT 2012

On Wed, 11 Jan 2012 09:56:28 -0500, Micah Anderson <micah at> wrote:
> The summary of the problem is that offlineimap operates in a particular
> way with regard to APPEND operations that make it impossible for the
> dovecot-antispam plugin to detect certain spam training situations. 

> I'm hoping that this is enough information for offlineimap developers to
> understand what the issue is, but if not I've CC'd the dovecot-antispam
> developer if further clarification is needed.

Hi Micah.

you are saying that moving a message between folders (into the SPAM
folder) prevents the dovecot spam plugin from learning, because we
effectively DELETE in one folder and APPEND in another?

If that is the case, yes that's what we are doing. OfflineImap works
through the mails on a folder-by-folder base and does not know what
happens in other folders, nor is it able to detect a "across-folder
move" of a message. It would be nice to be able to detect that, but that
is nothing that OfflineImap will be able to do in the near future.

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