sslcacertfile troubleshooting :)

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Thu Jan 19 09:25:08 GMT 2012

On Wed, 18 Jan 2012 13:33:51 +0100, SamLT <sam at> wrote:
> > Polite would be "in addition to".
> I'm no english native speaker, but "could suggest" didn't feel rude to
> me. Sorry if that's so.

Calm down people

I am glad that Sam brought up the issues, and I am grateful for Daniel
and Sam to work out debugging instructions that I would not have been
able to come up with.

The FAQ now contains both sets of instructions using openssl *and* using
gnutls, users can pick their poison themselves.

> > > openssl to generate the sslcacertfile, since 1) s_client doesn't
> > > support IPv6,
> > 
> > That's false.
> Really? Well, I just noticed that this morning while trying to
> understand what was going on.

Please go on discussing this here as far as it's relevant to improving
OLI and move it on to openssl lists or take it private when it boils
down to openssl deficiencies. Grateful as I am for the existence of
openssl, they surely have horrible error messages and
usability. (Admittedly, they operate in a tricky and difficult area, so
that explains parts of it.)

>> And, frankly, I wish you didn't use every single opportunity you had to
>> point out or imply that you prefer gnutls to openssl.

> Wow! This one comes from nowhere! I'm sorry if it's how it looked, but
> to my defense I'd say, I had not used gnutls from the cli until just
> this morning. Why did I try it? Because I'm trying to understand what's
> happenning. And doing so sometimes means trying with different tools
> than those we're used to.

I know, you both are still being polite and all that, but I am not
having religious wars here. Move on, or even better provide perfect
documentation for your favorite system. Both obviously suck ;-P.

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