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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Jan 19 09:46:55 GMT 2012

On Sun, 15 Jan 2012 22:15:31 -0500, Dave Abrahams <dave at> wrote:
> I am now offering, for the last time, to set this test suite up to run on
> every commit.  I have a BuildBot installation that would be perfect for
> this.  Just tell me what you would like it to do.

Hi Dave,

that is very kind of you, and I would love to take up that offer. As you
know yourself, there has been no test suite until now, so there was
nothing to run until now. Even now, there is mostly a testing scaffold
and we run only one test, checking if a sync finishes without exception.

I expect more tests to trickle in during the coming months, and have the
framework evolve together with it. I also expect that we will tie in
Nicolas IMAP proxy when its ready.

This is how you would run it. Let me know how and if that can be
integrated into the buildbot (it's all still a bit red-taped):

Do once:
- Checkout current "next" branch (master still doesn't have the test

- Copy test/credentials.conf.sample to test/credentials.conf and add the
  credentials to an IMAP server of your choice (can be local or
  remote). You can delete the gmail-related section, there are no
  gmail-related tests yet. This account should be a dedicated test
  account, and will not get very big. But a test series will log in
  frequently, so standard ISP mail servers might hit some throttling

Do on every test:
- Checkout current "next" branch (master still doesn't have the test
- Run "python test" in the top dir. A series of python
  unittests will be run and output (currently hardcoded with
  verbosity=2, that should be configurable via a command line option)
- See if all tests succeed and make logs available :-).
- It works with python2.7, not sure about python 2.6

Would that work for you or do you need more instructions.

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