Crash with sqlite: "PRIMARY KEY must be unique"

Allan Wind allan_wind at
Mon Jan 30 22:56:25 GMT 2012

Hi Daniel,

Sorry, I did not see your email till I checked the archives.

I have seen the "PRIMARY KEY must be unique" a handful times, but 
I would not call it reproducible so might be able to give you an 
answer for the -1 case.

The crashes has been on on the 2nd or later refresh interval 
which leads me to conclude that it is not message specific.  I do 
not recall seeing it crashing with Quiet so it may be specific to 
the basic ui.

python 2.6.6, python sqlite3 1.0.1-7+b1 (Debian Squeeze aka 
6.0 aka Stable).

Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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