Crash with sqlite: "PRIMARY KEY must be unique"

Allan Wind allan_wind at
Tue Jan 31 14:56:22 GMT 2012

On 2012-01-31 10:46:45, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> I just do 'Reply all' in Mutt.  Your mails have a Mail-Followup-To
> header, so my Mutt didn't CC you (nor even offer me to CC you)
> on the reply.

Oh... I subscribed to help in whatever way I could to resolve 
these issues.  Either I deleted your email by mistake, or 
offlineimap did not deliver it.

The last issue that I am seeing is offlineimap delivering a 
message that contains just a single single space (which crashes 
mutt).  Plan on sending the next example along in any case.

Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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