Offlineimap getting folders confused?

Dave Abrahams dave at
Mon Jul 2 00:39:35 BST 2012

I keep finding old messages, that I've long ago deleted from my INBOX,
back in my INBOX again.  Needless to say, this is very distressing for
someone who tries to maintain "inbox zero."  I can't imagine anything
that would cause this other than offlineimap getting confused about the
correspondence between folders on my local and remote servers.  Perhaps
it's Sync'ing everything from the remote "[Gmail]/Important" folder on
the remote server into my INBOX?

My configuration is here:
and a compressed log from 

  offlineimap -d imap -1 -o -u basic -l /tmp/oli.log

is available upon request (3.3M)

I'm not sure this makes a difference, but I do notice that in the output
of offlineimap --info,

  Local repository 'BoostProLocal': type 'MappedIMAP'

appears 3 times.  I suppose that must be because it participates in 3
different accounts... but since the --info output is flat, this seems
odd to me.

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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