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Tue Jul 24 01:13:42 BST 2012

I'm sorry for this basic of a question.
I have included my configuration below, but basically I'm looking to Take all the mail at Y and push it to G.
I DO NOT want to have changes at G reflected back at Y.
I was hoping read only was the way to do it, but I keep getting folder creation errors on Y.
Why is it trying to create folders on Y when read-only is set?
I'm running 6.5.4

ui =Blinkenlights
accounts = mail

[Account mail]
localrepository = y
remoterepository = g

[Repository y]
type = IMAP
readonly = True
createfolder = False
remotehost =
remoteuser = $$$$$$$$$@$$$$$$$.com
remotepass = *********

[Repository G]
type = Gmail
readonly = False
createfolder = True
remoteuser = $$$$$$$$$@$$$$$$$.com

remotepass = *********

ERROR: Creating Folder /important on repository y
Folder '/important'[y] could not be created.

Thank you,
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