[PATCH] Sort message UID list

Rasmus rasmus at gmx.us
Fri Jul 20 22:14:02 BST 2012

Dear James,

Your patch seems to be useful.

I use Gnus as well, and as you point out it seems to rely on uid or
INTERNALDATE or something similar.

After a recent update and the nametrans-craze (which I only found out
how to disable too late), all mails were re-uploaded by OfflineIMAP,
given new UID and random INTERNALDATE.  This has left a huge mess when I
access my mails in Gnus.  Locally, I use Dovecot.

In this message I describe what happened to my Gnus.


Would I be able to `recover' the/{some kind of} `right' order of my
IMAP-folders?  It seems the problem is that INTERNALDATE is now random
(as OfflineIMAP re-uploaded all files).  My Date headers should be OK,

I've put some effort into writing a script which copies mails from inbox
to tmp based on the date header (as to restore sane ordering).  Then I
replace Inbox with tmp (in fact I use move messages in the web
interface, which could cause trouble).  While the Lavabit web interface
now shows mails in the correct order (I think it's based on uid only),
Gnus is still not showing files correctly.

I would greatly appreciate any tips as to how to recover from the
previously destructive behavior of OfflineIMAP (which I have used
without problems for a long time).


May the Force be with you

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