future of OfflineIMAP [long]

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Mon Jul 23 22:46:36 BST 2012

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 06:28:14PM -0400, Dave Abrahams wrote:

> > - official testers validating patches for releases;
> Not so sure about this one.  How would the testers do this?  Nobody
> wants to subject their important email to an alpha/beta system.
> IMO the biggest missing thing is automated regression testing/continuous
> integration.  It wouldn't be so hard to set up a system with a few
> different IMAP servers, a free GMail account, and a Buildbot or a
> Jenkins or something.  Without something like that, IMO, changes are
> going to break things over and over.  Naturally, we also need tests.

Yes, I have something like that in mind.

> > Of course, such workflow would ask an isssue tracker.
> "Ask" doesn't quite make sense here in English.  Could you try saying it
> differently?  Oh, if you mean "require"... 

Yes, thanks for the fix.

>                                            we have an issue tracker
> already at GitHub, don't we?

Not officially.

> > Another thing: I suspect some people don't contribute much because of
> > the work and knowledge it asks.
> >
> > If contribution were easy, I mean VERY easy, say without even the need
> > to run git any command, would you contribute from time to time?
> I am trying to contribute right now, and Git is the *opposite* of an
> obstacle for me, so it wouldn't help *me* at all if you take Git out of
> the workflow.  
> You can actually create pull requests by submitting edits directly in
> GitHub's web interface, so I think it actually *is* VERY easy, provided
> you tell people what to do.  Just visit any file on GitHub and click the
> "Edit" button.

Of course, such topic does not concern people used to Git.
Anyway, I will post-pone the idea and perhaps raise it latter.

> IMO these are the important ones:
> * create a community of maintainers
> * continuous integration
> * more tests

I mostly agree. I've already started the first point.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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