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Tim Kroeger Tim.Kroeger at
Tue Jul 24 14:37:45 BST 2012

Dear Dave,

On Tue, 24 Jul 2012, Dave Abrahams wrote:

> On Jul 24, 2012, at 3:55 AM, Tim Kroeger <Tim.Kroeger at> wrote:
>> Thank you very much.  I would like to get the "next" branch, but unfortunately I have never worked with git.  I'm quite familiar with subversion, however.  I now did:
>>    git clone git://
>> to get the repository (as described on the homepage), but I didn't figure out how to switch to the "next" branch.  Neither
>>    git checkout next
>> nor
>>    git checkout --track -b next origin/next
>> seem to do that for me.  Can you please tell me what the correct command is?
> Those commands look right to me.  Sorry; wish I could be more help.

I found out what went wrong: Instead of

 	git clone git://

I had to do

 	git clone git://

I wonder why there are two different repositories of the software ...

Anyway, with your fix, the problem I initially described still occurs: 
That is, any email added to a folder on the maildir side, gets 
reproduced again and again each time OfflineIMAP is run.  This 
continues until I manually delete all instances of the respective 

Best Regards,


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