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Tim Kroeger Tim.Kroeger at
Wed Jul 25 12:47:25 BST 2012

Dear Dave,

On Tue, 24 Jul 2012, Dave Abrahams wrote:

> on Tue Jul 24 2012, Tim Kroeger <> wrote:
>> I found out what went wrong: Instead of
>> 	git clone git://
> No, spaetz' repo should have the appropriate "next" branch, but as I
> mentioned there's one patch in my repo that you might need.
>> I had to do
>> 	git clone git://
>> I wonder why there are two different repositories of the software ...
> Welcome to the land of DVCS.

Ah, I see ...  I think I'm beginning to understand ...

>> Anyway, with your fix, the problem I initially described still occurs:
>> That is, any email added to a folder on the maildir side, gets
>> reproduced again and again each time OfflineIMAP is run.
> Personally I no longer use maildir; I have a local IMAP server so I
> talk to both ends via IMAP protocol.
>> This continues until I manually delete all instances of the respective
>> email.
> Well, I'm having enough problems that I'm about to attempt (again) to
> escape offlineimap.  I'm planning to combine these technologies:
> (for my INBOX --- it's too slow for
>                                   huge folders but just fine for ordinary
>                                   ones)
> (for my All Mail archive and Spam folders)
> (in lieu of IDLE)
> I'll report back here what I find out.

Okay.  Thank you again for your help.  I think, I'll give up for the 
moment and content myself with a one-directional synchronization for 
the time being.  I'll stay on the group and see what happens in the 
future and then try again in half a year or so.

Best Wishes,


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