Running multiple instances of offlineimap

Daniel P. Wright dani at
Fri Jun 22 00:27:14 BST 2012


I have been using offlineimap successfully for a while now on my work
machine, but recently I decided I'd like to use it at home as well.  I
frequently leave both machines on so that I can SSH home when at work,
and vice versa.

I have offlineimap set to check my mail every three minutes or so.  When
I started doing this on both machines, I ran into a problem.  I would
read mails on my work machine, so they would be marked as read, or
perhaps I would delete a mail, moving it to my trash folder.  Within a
few minutes another offlineimap sync would occur and all the changes I'd
made would be undone!  Those messages which were marked as read would be
unread again and deleted messages would be restored to their original

I can only guess that the changes made on my work machine are synced to
the server, but then within a minute or so my home machine does a sync
and instead of getting all those changes down from the server it pushes
its -- unmodified -- version back up!  My work machine then performs
another sync with the server and the changes are undone.

This has got so annoying I've had to disable offlineimap at home and
only run it on one computer at a time.  The question is... is this
normal?  Am I doing something wrong?  Has anybody else experienced this
sort of behaviour?

I am using offlineimap 6.3.4 on both machines (more recent versions
break unicode folder names as mentioned in a previous mail).  My work
machine is running FreeBSD and my home computer is a mac.

Any advice greatly appreciated,


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