Dovecot LDA, Offlineimap and Sieve

Johnny yggdrasil at
Fri Jun 22 01:13:11 BST 2012

Tim Gray <lists+offimap at> writes:

> On Jun 22, 2012 at 12:28 AM +0100, Johnny wrote:
>>Has anyone got any tips on how to get offlineimap to send mail to
>>Dovecot in a way that Siev3e can be used?
> I use offlineimap to sync my 'online' boxes, but for mail the needs
> filtering, I send that all to one mailbox on the server (via sieve),
> and then fetch the mail from that box with getmail.

You mean, you fetch the mail via offlineimap, and then send it back to
a single folder on the server and when fetching it with getmail retrieve
it through Sieve? Or is is sendmail going through Sieve?

> Getmail hands off to Dovecot LDA running locally on my computer. So I
> end up with one set of folder that are synced by IMAP (offlineimap)
> and another set of folders that exists only on my laptop, populated by
> getmail/sieve. I'm not sure if you could do it another way...

So, the local only folders are kept nice and orderly, while the synched
folders contain /all/ mail, unsorted?

> You might want to look into imapfilter if you want to filter stuff in
> the background but don't have the capability to do that on the server
> side.

Will do. I hav until now used gnus filter rules on the client side for
my filtering needs, but server side filtering seems more... flexible?

Thanks for sharing your ideas!


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