Jes Sorensen jes.sorensen at
Mon Jun 25 16:08:20 BST 2012

On 06/22/12 17:02, Jes Sorensen wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been spending the last day and a bit getting
> offlineimap+dovecot+gnus working for me.
> Everything seems to work, I could sync my mail, read it in GNUS, send
> mail etc.
> However, after having send and read emails in GNUS, I can no longer sync
> my setup. It errors out with the below message.
> Note I use / as separator.
> I can provide an offlineimap --info off list - however when I look at
> that myself, I don't see any folders showing up on it that aren't on
> both sides.
> In the mail archives I saw mention of a similar problem in 6.4, but it
> was supposedly fixed in 6.5.2. I am running from Fedora 17.

Sorry for the self-reply here. I did some more digging and found the

The problem seems to be caused by the 'new' directory created by dovecot
in my root mail folder. The 'cur' and 'tmp' directories do not seem to
have any affect.

If I remove 'new' before the sync and restore it after, it works as

Second, I downgraded to 6.3.4 from Fedora 16 and with that I do not
experience this problem. I am running that for now, but it would be nice
to get it fixed correctly.


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