synchronizing custom flags

Erik Colson eco at
Mon Mar 12 10:48:48 GMT 2012


I'm trying to synchronize custom flags, but fails.
I have a distant dovecot2 server which knows about my custom flag
(checked with telnet login).
And I have put this code in which is loaded in
.offlineimaprc :

import offlineimap.imaputil as IU
if not hasattr(IU, 'monkeypatchdone'):
    IU.flagmap += [('gnus-expire','E'),
                   ('gnus-dormant', 'Q'),
                   ('gnus-save', 'V'),
                   ('gnus-forward', 'W')]
    IU.monkeypatchdone = True

I do sync from Maildir to the distant dovecot server. although I also
have a local dovecot server which also knows about the flags.

Locally the flags are set (checked by looking at the file names and
dovecot-keywords file).

Anyone has an idea why the flags are not copied to the distant dovecot
server ?


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