Memory leak?

Keith Amidon camalot at
Thu May 10 18:20:20 BST 2012

I've been using for a week or two, since Gentoo upgraded the
unstable package.  I've noticed that offlineimap seems to accumulate
memory on my machine.  I measured memory usage using top after a fresh
startup and a single synchronization, after several synchronizations,
and then again after a few hours:

        After      After       Several    
        1st sync   ~5 syncs    hours later
VIRT:   1045m      1381m       1637m      
RES:    273m       701m        981m       
SHR:    4440       4448        4452       

Memory usage seems to continue to grow as I leave it running.
Restarting once a day or so keeps memory usage within "reasonable" (<
1GB) limits but is less then ideal...

I've got about 165k messages being synchronized between Google and a
local maildir.  My offlineimaprc is included below with the sensitive
bits obfuscated.   This was not happening before I upgraded to,
or at least memory usage didn't increase so much over the period of a
week or so that I noticed there was a problem.

Any suggestions for how to best debug?

             Thanks, Keith


metadata = ~/.offlineimap
accounts = GMail
maxsyncaccounts = 1
ui = blinkenlights
ignore-readonly = no
socktimeout = 30
fsync = false



statuschar = *

[Account GMail]

localrepository = LocalGMail
remoterepository = RemoteGMail
autorefresh = 5
quick = 10
postsynchook = /home/keith/mail/bin/update-notmuch

[Repository LocalGMail]

type = Maildir
localfolders = ~/mail/gmail-sync
sep = /
restoreatime = no

[Repository RemoteGMail]

type = Gmail
remoteuser = foo at

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