Error in UIDMapping file

Chris Dennis cgdennis at
Mon May 14 17:40:46 BST 2012

Hello OfflineIMAP people

Here's some information about an error with OfflineIMAP which 
might possibly be helpful for future debugging.

I started getting the following error for one user, but not for others:

   Licensed under the GNU GPL v2+ (v2 or any later version)
*** Processing account 1and1
Establishing connection to
Establishing connection to localhost:143
ERROR: While attempting to sync account '1and1'
   need more than 1 value to unpack
*** Finished account '1and1' in 0:00

I then noticed that 
~/offlineimap-meta/Repository-LocalIMAP/UIDMapping/INBOX contained this 
near then end:

[many lines deleted]

[end of file]

Note the blank line before the last line; yes it's really blank, just 
two 0x0A characters in a row.

So I deleted the blank line, and it all started working again.  (In 
fact, in came up with errors the first few times, but settled down 
eventually -- I can provide details of the errors if anyone's interested.)

I don't know what caused the blank line in the first place.  The run 
before the first error message completed normally.

Would it be possible for the code that reads the UIDMapping files to be 
made more robust, so that it doesn't just give up at the first sign of 


Chris Dennis                                  cgdennis at
Fordingbridge, Hampshire, UK

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