Reliability and shutdown

Tim Gray lists+offimap at
Mon May 14 17:42:53 BST 2012

On May 13, 2012 at 10:00 PM +0200, Thomas Kahle wrote:
>There's also the possibility that other people use offlineimap without
>many problems.

I like offlineimap and have been using it for years, but definitely have 
some issues with it hanging.  Most of these happen when I put my laptop 
to sleep and/or change networks and offlineimap is in the middle of a 
sync.  I use to run it in the background as a process, but eventually 
had to move to running it in single sync mode every 5 minutes.  This of 
course precludes using it in IDLE mode.  Just sticking it in my cronfile 
wasn't enough; I had to wrap it in a shell script that checked for 
network connectivity, checked to see if it had hung, etc.

It works great now and I can close my laptop with impunity, but it was a 
process that took a fair amount of time to iron out which could have 
been saved if offlineimap handled that situation better.  I'm not 
blaming offlineimap for not including those capabilities - it does what 
it says on the box.  But it certainly would be a welcome addition since 
it's an issue many users of offlineimap probably run into.

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