[PATCH] Syncing gmail labels for gmail accounts

Abdó Roig-Maranges abdo.roig at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 09:42:14 GMT 2012

>> I attach a patch that handles X-Label and Keywords as a space separated list, following what is
>> discussed in this thread
>> https://groups.google.com/d/topic/mu-discuss/W4ys4ZGkP1E/discussion
>> and what mu does. I went the easy route and assumes labels have no spaces. This is documented
>> on the sample offlineimap.conf.
> This is a risky assumption - I have quite a few labels with spaces. I personally would prefer the
> "labels have no '" rule and comma separated - but I assume this is configurable?

I agree, I prefer comma separated.

The problem here is that those headers X-Keywords, X-Label, etc are not
standard, so everybody does whatever he wants with them. But on the
other hand, I need to make some assumption to be able to split the

This last patch makes 'X-Label' and 'Keywords' space separated, and
'X-Keywords' comma separated. For X-Keywords there is no "no spaces"
requirement. I did this according to what mu does


I hope this plays nicer with mutt, as Dima asked. But I may be wrong as
I did not have the time to look at mutt's sources and got the
information second hand, expecting Dima's feedback :)


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