being spoofed?

Dima Pasechnik dimpase+olimap at
Mon Oct 1 06:42:11 BST 2012

Noticed offlineimap failing with

 ERROR: Server SSL fingerprint
'6d1b5b5ee0180ab493b71d3b94534b5ab937d042' for hostname
'' does not match configured fingerprint. Please verify
and set 'cert_fingerprint' accordingly if not set yet.

I have in my .offlineimaprc

Repeated attempts to connect only succeed if I set maxconnections = 1.
With maxconnections = 5 I see the above error popping up halfway the
offlineimap session
(different threads hit different certs, I suppose).

Is it a genuine hacking attempt going on, or some misconfiguration somewhere?

Any easy way to gather extra info on these connections?
(I program in Python, but I have no time to read and modify
offlineimap, at least not now...)


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