Sync Problems

Matt Black m at
Tue Oct 2 13:47:48 BST 2012

Dear list,

Offlineimap has apparently been running in fine condition for me for a 
few months, but now as I'm trying to migrate from one IMAP provider over 
to gmail, I'm seeing all kinds of unexplained things. I'm hoping someone 
can enlighten me please?

* I deleted my .offlineimaprc folder as part of a test - now on every 
sync all my email is pushed back upto my old provider. I have 6 copies 
of each email in that account at present :/ (I only deleted 
.offlineimaprc once).

* I fired up Mutt and deleted some local mails, and then ran 
offlineimap. It reported the following:

"Deleting 87 messages (16754, ....., 16840) in Maildir[.foldername]"

Why does it report it deleted mails in my local folder, when I expect 
it to delete on the remote host?

* There must be something fundamental I'm missing here. Can someone 
explain a valid use case to me?


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