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On 02/10/12 06:44, Zain Memon wrote:
> I'm using OfflineIMAP to sync with Gmail. To save on space and download time, I'm only syncing
> the "[Gmail]/All Mail" folder. This stops me from having multiple copies of the same message
> stored (one in each folder corresponding to each label on the message). However, the downside
> is that I no longer have label information attached to those messages.
> When dealing directly with Gmail's IMAP server, I can fetch X-GM-LABELS to get the labels with
> the message.
> Can I get OfflineIMAP to fetch and store my Gmail labels without having multiple copies of the
> same message?

I can't give you a solution, but I can say that the same topic came up on the notmuch newsgroup,
and no real solution was found.

I think the possibility to sync the gmail tags automatically and only having a single copy of the
email local (which could be automatically enabled when using type = Gmail), would be a very useful
(and as far as I know unique) feature, which could make offlineimap THE gmail offline and backup tool.


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