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Wed Apr 17 09:34:14 BST 2013

Dear Giuseppe,

On 04/17/13 at 03:39am, Giuseppe Attardi wrote:
> nametrans = lambda x: 'Archivio.' + x.replace('.', 'dot')
> (...)
> I do not understand why it complains.

Your configuration will first create an archive of every IMAP folder and in the
next sync, it will try to create an archive of every archive, ad infinitum.

For what you would like to achieve I can propose imapfilter project:

When you set imapfilter as a presync hook in OfflineIMAP it will run before the
messages are downloaded. And in the imapfilter itself, you can program the
archivisation of your IMAP folders.

So the scheme would look like this:
-   OfflineIMAP begins to sync, BUT FIRST it launches imapfilter
-   Imapfilter will create archives as you wish on the IMAP server side
-   When imapfilter finishes, OfflineIMAP will now really sync and will notice
    the archived copies to be downloaded

Probably what you want to achieve can be done purely in OfflineIMAP, without
external tools, but IMHO the proposed solution above is clearer and easier to
maintain. Of course this is open to discussion for other members of OfflineIMAP
mailing list.

Note that I am not anyhow related to imapfilter project and in fact I used it
some time ago only.

Best regards,

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