cron problem

William Seager cdbroad at
Tue Aug 6 17:36:25 BST 2013

Hi all - I just discovered offlineimap and it is working very well
at ameliorating kmail's abysmal imap performance.

My problem is that offlineimap fails to run as a cron job.

Here's my crontab line (absolutely simple):

*/10 * * * *     myuser  /usr/bin/offlineimap

here's the crontab "header"

# for vixie cron
# $Header: 
1.2 2009/05/12 09:13:46 bangert Exp $
# Global variables

(I added the PYTHONPATH but it did not help)

I read about the environment problem on this list but that is not
my problem. offlineimap runs fine with env -i. No errors are reported
in /var/log/messages (it reports offlinemap runs as scheduled).

Offlineimap runs perfectly from console or with an at job (fwiw, if I
schedule an at job in cron it still fails ...)

I'm running gentoo linux, vixie cron, python 2.7.5

any help appreciated

One more question. It looks to me that if my local mail folders get 
deleted and offlineimap runs, I lose my mail on remote server. Is that 

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