Suggestion for a FAQ

Hrabe, Jan hrabe at
Tue Dec 31 14:35:24 GMT 2013


I have been using offlineimap to backup my wife's gmail account.
After upgrading her MacBook Pro to Maverick recently, Apple's built-in
mail client wiped out all her gmail messages, including the All Mail
and Trash folders.  This is a known problem reported by some users but
so far denied by Apple.

The trouble was that even though offlineimap is often recommended as a
mail backup solution, it turned out to be very difficult to find out
how to use it to restore the mail in the simplest possible manner.  In
the end, I removed the content of its metadata directory and added
readonly=True to the local repository stanza in the config file.  This
worked and the Gmail account mail is now restored.

My suggestion to the developers is to make this easier for the users:
either include an option specifically for restoration, or include the
procedure in the FAQ.  The functionality clearly exists already.

Thanks for an extremely useful program than saved the day!


Jan Hrabe

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