blinkenlights on 6.3.4 vs. 6.5.4

Mandar Mitra mandar.mitra at
Mon Feb 4 04:05:46 GMT 2013

I've noticed the following two minor problems with the blinkenlights UI
for 6.5.4 because of which I'm happily sticking to 6.3.4 on the 4-5
machines where I run OI.

1. Response to q or control-C is much slower on 6.5.4. Sometimes it
   seems not to respond to anything except control-Z. 

2. I run OI within an xterm running screen. The terminal gets messed up
   quite often: control characters appear, banner line at the top
   (OfflineIMAP 6.5.4 ... Copyright etc.) gets overwritten, parts of the 
   output gets left behind, etc. I can try generating a screenshot if
   this is unclear.

I'm wondering if others have also encountered these issues, and whether
they have been fixed by the recent patches. In that case, may be I
should use the git version?


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