Archival Use of OfflineImap

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Feb 18 09:30:02 GMT 2013

On 01/29/2013 09:58 PM, Flesher, Eli wrote:
> I am looking at using OfflineIMAP in a manner which I've previously used
> IMAPSync.
> I was able to setup IMAPSync to sync from server to local mailbox and
> purge from the server all mail which was greater than 30 days old,
> effectively creating an archive mailbox. I then served the 'local'
> mailbox and connected to it with my mail client. 

You can create an ARCHIVAL mailbox, by creating a new folder and moving
old messages into that folder, and not syncing that folder back to the
imap server.

You can also have offlineimap ignore old messages with the maxage option
and delete older messages from your imap server (via some other means
than offlineimap).


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