offlineimap sharing across different linux installations?

Eygene Ryabinkin rea at
Sun Feb 3 09:01:23 GMT 2013

Geoffrey, good day.

Sat, Feb 02, 2013 at 07:30:00PM +0000, Geoffrey Ferrari wrote:
> I multiboot between Debian wheezy, Arch and occasionally Ubuntu, and
> I try to share my config as much as possible between these different
> systems.
> Is it possible to share my local offlineimap repository between
> different linux systems? While all three systems are kept up to
> date, there may be slight differences in the version of offlineimap
> in use on each one.

I used to use a simular setup for FreeBSD: home is shared, but OS
and port versions could be different.  Had no problems with that, but
switched to use offlineimap from the Git repository (to eat own dog's

> I've tried this before and it didn't seem to work well. For example,
> booting into arch linux and using an offlineimap repository created
> in debian wheezy seemed to result in offlineimap on arch
> re-downloading all my email and then uploading new versions back to
> my server. Is this expected or known behaviour? Is there a way to
> safely and simply use a single offlineimap repository across
> different linux installations?

If you have some shared/synchronized piece of filesystem between them,
you can try to use offlineimap from Git repository: do
git clone git://
set up some wrappers to call offlineimap from that directory and put
them to some directory in $PATH (most likely, $HOME/bin will go).  Be
sure to do 'git pull' from time to time in the directory you checked
out the sources to.

However, it will be interesting to know the exact offlineimap versions
that redownload the whole thing on your systems.  OS versions will be
interesting too.


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