Syncing IMAP keywords using xattrs: Modify what where in the codebase?

Dan Christensen jdc at
Mon Jan 7 11:28:28 GMT 2013

Erik Quaeghebeur <offlineimap at> writes:

> I'd like to use notmuch without losing the advantages of IMAP and I
> make extensive use of IMAP keywords[0, Sec.2.3.2 Par.3]. However,
> offlineimap does not sync them, I guess because the Maildir spec[1]
> gives no pointers to how to store arbitrary additional flags.
> In 2007, on this list, Florian Friesdorf suggested using extended
> attributes:
> To me, this seems like a good idea. (Is it?)

One option would be to do things like dovecot does it

Even better, run dovecot locally and let it handle the details of
keyword storage.  Then offlineimap just needs to be modified so that
when doing IMAP<-->IMAP synchronization, keywords are passed along.

This has been discussed in the past on this list, but nobody has
had a chance to implement it.


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