Parse if there have been new mails synched to the local dir.

Tomasz Żok tomasz.zok at
Wed Jan 30 09:21:23 GMT 2013

If you use postsynchook, there is no need for cron. Offlineimap will just
execute the provided script after it finishes its sync with IMAP server.

On 01/30/13 at 01:47am, Profpatsch wrote:
> Well, it’s not like the kernel doesn’t need to spend lots of cycles
> checking for changes on the files, is it?
> Having inotify idling around all the time might use more resources
> than checking every time offlineimap executes with a quick (and maybe
> even cached) find.
> But that’s probably just my uninformed-ness and inotify doesn’t use
> anything.

Depending on the number of emails you have and the type of drive (SSD? big
cache?), the 'find' command may execute faster or slower. But inotify is AFAIK
a special mechanism for notifications of filesystem events suited just for this
purpose. A program/script informs kernel that it wants to be inotified and it
will wait without any further I/O or CPU usage until the filesystem event

You can check this yourself, execute:
    inotifywait /tmp/

Until something happens in /tmp/, the program shows 0% CPU usage and not even a
single kB of memory reserved.

Tomasz Zok

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